TC397 A-step CAN

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I've been trying to get the CAN peripheral working on an A-step TC397 and I'm having a bunch of trouble. Unfortunately, this rev is required because it is in existing hardware.

I have looked through the errata for Astep MCMCAN and still don't seem to be able to get it to work. Currently the TC397A is connected to a TC397B on a TriBoard dev kit. The TC397B seems to be working perfectly. However, the CAN messages sent from the TC397A
always come through corrupted. I send a standard ID frame and it comes through as an extended ID frame.

- because of errata MCMCAN_TC.003, the TC397A node is running in transmit-only mode
- There are no other messages being transmitted on the BUS (the TC397B is only receiving though it is in transmit and receive mode)

It seems that this must be due to errata MCMCAN_AI.020, but even when I set up the transmission and then set the INIT bit I still see the wrong frame. Further, from reading that, it seems like it shouldn't happen if nobody else is transmitting on the bus?

Thanks for any pointers,
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