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First question asked Welcome!
We are using TC377TX derivative in a safety project with 16 "mission" ADC along with 16 "monitor" ADC channels, and we are using primary+secondary ADC gropus to obtain 8 conversion in the same time.
We have some dubts with the connection of each couple of ADC.
In Infineon "raccomendations against CCF" they state that "it is recommended not to use the balls in the adjacent regions for the monitor signals, when using the balls from one group for the mission signal." (pag 15).
If we follow this rule it is not possible to fulfill our requirements because most of the ADC are in groups 1,2,8, so we only could use signals from group 8 for mission and group 2 for monitor, because group 1 is adjacent to other two groups. Anyway for some packages Infineon exposes a specific diagram related to ADC channels (such as TC337, page 33), and this diagrams are more permissive.
Do you know if Infineon provide such a matrix for the TC377TX bga292 package? (in the scope and purpose paragraph they state: "However, Infineon can provide additional support for the assignment of the mission and monitor pins in the packages, in case these recommendations cannot be followed.")
Thank you for any suggestion.
Fabrizio Gallo
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