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Maybe someone has any example of how to setup VADC to raise interrupt after every end of conversation? Or there should I start? From documentation I have read 28.11 Service Request Generation, but still can't find any iLLD library function to implement that. As I understand none of examples
from AURIX customer documentation uses any interrupts. Thank you for your answers.
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Hi, I hope the following code snippet does help. It is for TC2xx devices and not necessarily tested on TC27x. so maybe you need to adapt some multiplexer settings:

//Here do not forget to enable GTM clock in GTM_CLC register.
GTM_TOM0_CH6_CN0.U = 0x0; //reset counter register
GTM_TOM0_CH6_SR0.U = 0x0200; //set period
GTM_TOM0_CH6_SR1.U = 0x0100; //set duty cycle

GTM_TOM0_CH6_CTRL.U = 0; //reset channel control register

GTM_TOM0_CH6_CTRL.B.CLK_SRC_SR = 0x3; //select clock source for channel
GTM_TOM0_CH6_CTRL.B.SL = 1; //signal level for duty cycle
GTM_TOM0_CH6_CTRL.B.OSM = 0; //disable one shot mode

GTM_TOM0_TGC0_GLB_CTRL.B.UPEN_CTRL6 = 0x2; //Enable CMx update
GTM_TOM0_TGC0_OUTEN_CTRL.B.OUTEN_CTRL6 = 0x2; //enable outputs on trigger
GTM_TOM0_TGC0_ENDIS_CTRL.B.ENDIS_CTRL6 = 0x2; //enable channel on trigger
GTM_TOM0_TGC0_FUPD_CTRL.B.FUPD_CTRL6 = 0x2; //enable Force Update on trigger

GTM_TOM0_TGC0_GLB_CTRL.U |= 0x1; //Host _Trig
GTM_ADCTRIG0OUT0.B.SEL0 = 0x1; //Select TOM0 Channel 6 as ADC Trigger 0

VADC_G0QMR0.B.ENTR = 1; //Enable External Trigger for this source
VADC_G0QCTRL0.U = (0xF << 😎 | (0x1 << 13) | (0x1 << 15) | (0x1 << 16) | (0x1 << 23);
//External Trigger Input Selection
//Trigger event upon a falling edge
//Bitfields XTMODE and XTSEL can be written
//Gate Input Selection
//GTWC, Bitfield GTSEL can be written

VADC_G0QINR0.U = (0x1 << 5) /*Refill*/ | (1 << 7) | 0x1 /*External Trigger*/;