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Hi, I started to work on basic set of configurations for Aurix TC277. I am using CCU6 to generate PWM for space vector modulation. I took demo software called CCU6_PWM_Generation_1_KIT_TC297_TFT and based on this software I made mine. Everything would work fine but I have noticed that dead time is not generated at all. I am guessing that it is not configured right. Where should I look for initial settings ...or any example to save some time on studying. Thank you in advance for any help with it. Good luck in your projects with Aurix chip! Robert

I got it resolved because it is very simple. There is one register to set one dead time value for all 3 legs of inverter at once. It needs to be set once after reset and it works fine ...I did not check whether it can be changed easily later ...but I guess it should be doable any time ...


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Hi @RobertD1970 

Thank you for your interest in Infineon's products and for the opportunity to serve you.
I'm glad to hear that you had solved the question, and If you have any further questions about it, please feel free to contact me.



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