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Hello guys,

I am using TC265 B-step controller. I use both core0 and core1 for different softwares. A boot software on core0 and basic software on core1. So, generally, after hard reset, the Boot SW on core0 starts and I can initialize the CAN bus without any problem as described in TC26x B step user manual. Now, I jump to core1 ahead, start running routines on core1, where I re-initialize the CAN bus again with different configuration. After this, when I make a software reset via SCU_SWRSTCON.B.SWRSTREQ , I get a SW Reset. Alright ! Now, the execution starts again from core0 Boot software and normally the CAN Bus should be initialized as before. But, this time, CAN bus can not initialize in the same way it does after HW reset.
So, the same code can not initialize the CAN bus in core0 after the soft reset from core1. The CAN Bus shows Bit0 error for CAN_NSR1.LEC register.
I have compared all the MultiCAN+ config registers in both cases: 1. after hard reset and 2. after soft reset from core1. They are same.
Moreover, I tried to initialize CAN bus after soft reset from core0 itself and it works.
Just in the case, soft reset from core1 somehow stops CAN Communication in core0.

Any help pls ?

Thanks in advance for any support or hints !
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