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I've been given a TC264 v1.0 TriBoard to evaulate. The first user demo, 'TriBoard_TC26xB_TimeDemo' works fine, but I'm not sure how to use the other demo's included in the Tricore Free Entry Tool Chain, namely 'Triboard_TC26xB_HelloSerial' and 'TriBoard_TC26xB_HelloSerialInt'. Do these demo's work at all? What serial port, connection or feature can I use this with? Can it easily be connected to a console or terminal on the pc or in the Hightec UDE debug Environment?

Many Thanks!
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Hi Robbie. The TriBoard's USB interface connects to the AURIX DAP debug port, and also gives the PC a virtual COM port connected to ASCLIN0 on the AURIX.

Install a terminal emulator (Tera Term, RealTerm, etc.) on your PC and set the virtual COM port to 38400 baud.
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