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I just got a TriBoard TC234 V2 and want to explore its Lockstep feature. I read that in order to enable Lockstep, I need to write to BMI memory section. So I overwrite BootModeHeader_0 as
const uint32 BootModeHeader_0[] = {
0x80000020u, /* STADBM first user code at 0x8000 0020h */
0xB3590270u, /* BMI = 0270h BMHDID = B359h */
0x00000000u, /* ChkStart */
0x00000000u, /* ChkEnd */
0x00000000u, /* CRCrange */
0x00000000u, /* !CRCrange */
0x586DFD2Fu, /* CRChead */
0xA79202D0u /* !CRChead */

Is this correct in order to enable Lockstep?
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For the TC234 there is only an option to have a lockstep on CUP0.

FWIF I get this:

const uint32 BootModeHeader_0[] = 
0x80000020u, /**< \brief 0x000: .stad: User Code start address*/
0xB3590170u, /**< \brief 0x004: .bmhdid: Boot Mode Header ID (CODE) = B359H*/
0x00000000u, /**< \brief 0x008: ChkStart */
0x00000000u, /**< \brief 0x00C: ChkEnd */
0x00000000u, /**< \brief 0x010: CRCrange */
0x00000000u, /**< \brief 0x014: !CRCrange */
0x4C3DDE37u, /**< \brief 0x018: CRChead */
0xB3C221C8u, /**< \brief 0x01C: !CRChead*/
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