TC223 Starter Kit UART over DAP

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HI All,

I trying to find out if it's possible to have UART over DAP (external miniWiggler connected to board DAP port) in same way as it's achieved with on board miniWiggler.
To be precise I want ot achieve setup on which I can communicate with board over virtual COM port provided by miniWiggler device (external).
I can use on board miniWiggler in such configuration without problems but I have to switch to external one (connected via DAP port).

Did anyone tired to configure UART over DAP for TriCore Starter Kit boards? Is this even possible?

Best Regards,
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Any UART over DAP don't exist. The miniWiggler and also the on board wiggler are using an FTDI device with 2 channels. 1 channel is used for DAP/JTAG the other one for UART. On board there is a direct Connection of channel 2 to an ASC.
In case of using external miniWiggler this is also possible if the system has assembled the 20 pin Automotive JTAG connector and pins 18 and 20 are connected to ASC of the device. If not you must made a Connection of this 2 pins to your ASC. Please see also AP56004 for the pinning of the connector.