TC212 Low-power modes

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Hi everybody,
I have a question regarding the low-power modes of the TC212S device.
More specifically, I've read from the datasheet (Electrical Specification paragraph) that:
- SUM of all currents = 150 uA (max, Tj=25°C) in STANDBY MODE
- SUM of all currents= 10 mA (max, Tj=55°C, fSPB=1MHz) in SLEEP MODE.

Is there any way to further reduce the current in SLEEP Mode?
Has anyone directly experienced this topic? Is there any advice/tip on how to eventualy approach this?

Thank you.
Kind regards,
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method 1)

power basics**- turn of all I/O drive to bare minimum subset,*IE GPIO/etc pins should be set to input
-* if something has to be an output, then you may want to visit what it is driving and make sure that is low power
- turn off clocks to all modules not being used

keep an eye on power usage as you do each step

method 2)
looks like the number you are looking at for 10mA is will all peripherals in sleep but at 55C Tj. Can you reduce Tj ? I believe there are some equations provided for estimating that

method 3)
design something low power outside of aurix that kicks it out of standby mode, and allows standby - it's also very likely you will need to control the leakage current out the pins with some external fet like device

also, take a look at "TC3xx standby operation and current calculations" - I know it's for a different part but I think also applicable to some of the considerations needed