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Hello, we're struggling to create some built-in test software for the TC1793 that will verify that expected traps occur when a RAM or flash uncorrectable ECC error is detected. Specifically, we want to be able to test LMU and DSPR RAMs, and internal flash for ECC double-bit errors. Among other things, we've tried flipping a pair ECC bits via the SFAGEN register, but don't get a trap. Does someone have an existing code snippet or additional documentation that describes how to cause ECC double bit errors in these RAMs or internal flash for test purposes?

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I'm having the same problem a few days ago. Does anyone have any solution to recommend?
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  1. TC1793 is a microcontroller that features advanced flash and RAM memory with error correction code (ECC) checking.

  2. ECC checking ensures data integrity by detecting and correcting errors in memory, enhancing system reliability.

  3. In flash memory, ECC helps maintain the stability and longevity of stored data by correcting errors during read and write operations.

  4. In RAM, ECC checking ensures that data being processed is reliable and free from corruption, which is crucial for accurate operations.

  5. By incorporating ECC, TC1793 helps avoid data loss and prevent malfunctions caused by memory errors.

  6. This feature is especially important in game applications where precision and data integrity are vital, such as automotive and industrial systems.

  7. The ECC checking capabilities provide a higher level of confidence in the data and overall system performance.

  8. TC1793's flash and RAM with ECC support can significantly improve the reliability and safety of applications.

  9. The ability to automatically correct errors without intervention adds a layer of robustness to the system.

  10. ECC checking can enhance the longevity of memory by proactively managing and rectifying potential issues.

  11. In gaming applications, the TC1793’s reliability and error correction can ensure smooth and uninterrupted gameplay.

  12. The error correction technology within the TC1793 allows game developers to focus on creativity and innovation without worrying about data integrity.