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I am new to TriCore microcontrollers. I want to start three ADCs (Group0,Group1,Group2) when CCU6 counter updates. So I start timer 12 of CCU6, and generates the Interrupt Service Request with timer12 period match, and assign Service Request line on servicerequest_3. I tried to toggle a pin in the "ADC interrupt function" to make sure that the timer is triggering the ADCs on T12 period match, and I got the attached results (blue is the toggled pin and red is gate signal for PWM from timer 12) which show that ADC interrupt function is called properly on timer12 period match  (blue channel is toggled in the middle of red pulses). I was wondering if there is a way to make sure that all the ADCs are reading and finishing the conversion in the same time? The ADC group0 is the master, so is ADC interrupt function called when the master ADC finishes the conversion, or when all the ADCs finish their conversion?
Thank you,

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Hi Majid,

1. Could you let us know if you are using ILLD based project or MCAL based project?

2. Are you using an existing example as a base for this?

3. Could you refer to the section "32.11 Synchronization of Conversions" in AURIXTC3XX_um_part2_v2.0.pdf?

Best Regards,