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I'm working with one Aurix TC27x

In my little application two cores are working together (Core0 is a Producer, and Core1 is a Consumer). But I have some problems to share resources.

What is the typical mechanism to share a variable between them? How can synchronize the information? I have only used mutex and semaphores, but with only one core. So I do not know how to implement this other type of locking

Information about intercore comunications will be appreciated.

Edgar Sevilla
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Look at synchronization methods from ifx library:

typedef unsigned int IfxCpu_mutexLock;

boolean IfxCpu_acquireMutex (IfxCpu_mutexLock * lock)
boolean retVal;
volatile uint32 spinLockVal;

retVal = FALSE;

spinLockVal = 1UL;
spinLockVal = (uint32) __cmpAndSwap (((unsigned int *) lock), spinLockVal, 0);

/* Check if the SpinLock WAS set before the attempt to acquire spinlock */
if (spinLockVal == 0)
retVal = TRUE;

return retVal;

void IfxCpu_releaseMutex (IfxCpu_mutexLock * lock)
/*Reset the SpinLock */
*lock = 0;
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Hi ,

Thank you for the detailed explanation. It helped a lot.

Best regards