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Level 5
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I am going through TC3XX user manual and below section of the User manual, gives reference of stand-by controller. Can you please clarify what is this Stand-by Controller, is there a separate core for the standby operation ? Where can I get more details about this feature ? Stand-by controller handling during start-up
The start-up procedure will initialize stand-by controller (SCR) RAMs and trigger SCR boot when the last reset:
- was seen by the device as a cold power-on, AND
- has been triggered by EVR pre-regulator - identified by SCU_RSTSTAT.STBYR=1
In other words, SCR is initialized/started upon cold power-on reset which is not identified as exit from stand-by mode.
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All information about the standby controller you can find in the UM part 2 chapter 49 8-Bit Standby Controller (SCR)
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