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Hi All!

In my project, we are looking into to integrate Infineons SafeTLib on a TC234L, but before that we are trying to do some investigations(before we get the source code).
I wonder if someone have integrated it and could answer some questions:

How much CPU load does SafeTLib utilize?
How much RAM and FLASH is needed?

And finally, do you have any general hints that can make our integration smoother?

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Have you gotten some answer to your question as I have the same for my project ?
Also SafeTlib, did you acquire the code base from infineon just like iLLD drivers ?
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After some tryouts of the lib the data shows that the runtime CPU Load increased around 0.5%, as most of the tests are executed during startup.
The biggest challenge is to make all the tests pass, as the library itself seems, at least to me, quite unstable and non-deterministic.
And also that to get the SMU into RUN state after the Safelib have been executed, even if all tests has passed.