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We are trying to build the BaseFramework_TC26xB template project out of box from the SW framework tools (3.1r0) using the dcc compiler version Upon building we are getting
the following make error:

Compiling 0_Src/4_McHal/Tricore/Cpu/Std/IfxCpu.c
"0_Src/4_McHal/Tricore/Cpu/Std/IfxCpu.c", line 104: warning (etoa:1824): explicit cast from 'ptr-to-volatile union $$309' to 'ptr-to-union $$309' discards volatile qualifier
"2_Out/Dcc/0_Src/4_McHal/Tricore/Cpu/Std/IfxCpu.s", line 74: error: syntax error
"2_Out/Dcc/0_Src/4_McHal/Tricore/Cpu/Std/IfxCpu.s", line 816: error: syntax error
make[1]: *** [2_Out/Dcc/0_Src/4_McHal/Tricore/Cpu/Std/IfxCpu.o] Error 2
make: *** [build] Error 2

Upon examination of both the lines 74 and 816 in file IfxCpu.s , we see that they contain the instruction "cmpswap.w". Can anybody let us know please what could be the reason for the error.
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You should check to see if your compiler or assembler command-line arguments specify the correct processor architecture.
I know for Hitech and the TASKING toolchains, the compiler/assembler will reject some instructions if the correct processor is not set.
I don't know for Diab/Wind River, but I suspect it is the same.

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