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Hello Infineon support,

I am trying to send my ECU to sleep mode using TLF35584 and TC399. 

As you can see in the screenshot, the ECU starts to go to sleep (ROT set LOW) but the STB_N is back to high which inhibits the ECU to continue going to sleep and forces it back to Normal mode.

I had some doubts about the pin configuration (STB_N is initially an output from the microcontroller). For that, I even changed the pin direction (INPUT with pull down) before settting the TLF to sleep mode. Unfortunately, this was not sufficient. 

After some analysis, it seems that the microcontroller TC399 sets this PIN back to HIGH during reset. 


Any idea what could be the reason for the STB to be back HIGH and the same time ROT goes to LOW?

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Could you please share more details on the issue as it is not clear for us?
"the ECU starts to go to sleep (ROT set LOW)"
Could you let us  know the connections that you are making to the STB_N pin? 
Also, please let us know what you want to achieve with TLF and TC399? Whether you want to enter standby mode or reset the device?


Kind Regards,