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Hello. Infienon team

here are my 2 question.


I'm using TC364DP MCU and also using TLE5012B Motor position sensor.

I'm trying to communicate with SSC protocol, it doesn't workl well.

And i'm  using ILLD example code, but i can't find SSC example in ILLD.

i think MPS and MCU are both infineon product, so i think there is sample code.

can you give sample code? help me.



If you doesn't have TLE5012's ILLD code or sample code, i have anther question.

I implemented communication via QSPI ILLD module.

But SSC's protocol is different to SPI communication, so i can't get exact data.

i want to know how  QSPI module works.

here is my question.

If QSPI module's RX pin get data and RX buffer is filled, then RX ISR is called even though QSPI module doesn't work?

the topology is below picture. MCU's MOSI and MISO is connected to same node(P6111) .


so, when i try to communicate via ILLD QSPI module, my sending command is returned via nodeP6111. i don't know how to implement via ILLD QSPI module.

can you help me to implement SSC communication via QSPI ILLD module?


thank you.



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For sensor issue, please refer to this thread.

For QSPI, please refer to the demo code.

For SDO and SDI are connected together, that means if you send with SCLK, then you can use DATA to output from the master, if you receive with SCLK, then you can use DATA to input from the slave.