SCR pin reading

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I have following setup: Aurix + TLF35584.

I have following scenario:

During normal operation I set the PCSR of 33_2 to SCR, the SCR code sets the port to input, and cycic read the input in order to set the WAK pin of the TLF.

I can see that the SCR read ok the input as I watch in the debugger a variable that is set by SCR when the input goes High(also the WAK pin is set).

The issue:
- input is low, WAK is low, the Aurix commands the TLF to go to shutdown state, I have a trigger with an osciloscope on P33_2 to check if it goes to high.
- after the TLF gets the shutdown commands, somehow the 33_2_IN goes high, but I can not see anything on the osciloscope, so no external trigger.

Does it somehow, when Aurix is shut down the 33_2_IN goes by default to 1? I can say for sure that the WAK is trigger by the SCR(due to variables).

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Is "cycic" a typo?
Is AURIX TC3xx? Or is it TC2xx?

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