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Level 4
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Hello Support,

For DISS bit in MTU_CLC Register of Aurix 2G, I find the following senetence :

"If the RMC field is implemented and if it is 0, DISS is set automatically"

1> What does "RMC" means?

2> For Aurix 2G, if MTU_CLC is now zero and I try to disable by writing MTU_CLC=1 [DISR=1], then after some time will be MTU_CLC.DISS=1 as the expected value.
Is that correct assumption?

Best Regards
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"RMC" stands for Run Mode Clock.

If a module is not used at all by an application, it can be completely shut off by setting bit DISR in its CLC register.
For peripheral modules with a run mode clock divider field RMC, a second option to completely switch off the module is to set bit field RMC to 00H.This also disables the module’s operation.
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