Question on the Clock Safety Measures - TC3xx

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Can you please clarify below questions related to the Clock Safety measures for AURIX TC3xx device

Does lock monitoring of fPLLx, fSPB detects only loss of clock failure mode ? or does it also detects clock above/below the nominal frequency.

For example if my fPLLx is configured for 300Mhz and during runtime fPLLx frequency reduces to 270Mhz (10% less than actual value) will the Clock monitoring be able to detect it ?

From the reference manual looks like, it cannot ? Can you please confirm my understanding
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See also CLOCK in the Safety Manual. The Oscillator Monitor will detect a stopped oscillator, or an oscillator running at an incorrect harmonic. The PLL will only signal an alarm on loss of lock.

So, no, it won't detect a 10% difference - but ESM[SW]:CLOCK:PLAUSIBILITY can, depending on the implementation.