Problems with Universal DAS and Tricore TC-297

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I'm trying to use the Infineon Debug Access Server (v.6.00) together
with Altium TASKING for flashing and debugging a program onto
the AURIX Tricore TC297x board.

When the TASKING IDE switches to the Debugger Perspective, the DAS server shows
a window requesting a password (see the attached picture).

The strange thing is that no password was set during the installation of DAS.

What is the password that it is required ? Is it an unlocking code of
the Aurix flashable memory ?

Or is it a code provided by the IDE vendor (Altium in this case) ?

Thanks in advance for your answers 2719.attach
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I have the same problem with a TC387 dev kit. It was working, now it insists on a password. But I can't find any discussion of a password anywhere!



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The behavior might be related to running the TASKING DAS debugger in parallel. When the TASKING debugger is running it uses the DAS drivers. Then you'll experience this behavior when you try to access the DAS drivers using the DAS Device scanner. Please verify if the behavior changes after you terminated the TASKING debug session.


Best regards,
Ulrich Kloidt

TASKING tools support