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i am using TC39x-BB, MCAL V1.30, Tresos V23. My Problem is by following Implementation
    /* REMS (Read Electronic & Device ID) */
SpiCmd[0u] = SFLS_RegCommand_REMS_CMD;
SFLS__SpiSeqEndFlag = SFLS_SpiSeqMode_ACTIVE;
Spi_SetupEB(SpiConf_SpiChannel_FLASH_CMD_CH, SpiCmd, SpiCmdRcv, 4u);
Spi_SetupEB(SpiConf_SpiChannel_FLASH_DATA_CH, NULL_PTR, (Spi_DataType*)&SFLS__DeviceIdentification, 2u);

I am getting all the 6 Bytes data in SpiCmdRcv instead of 4 Bytes data in SpiCmd and 2 Bytes Data in SFLS__DeviceIdentification. Could you please let me know is there any known bug known in Mcal version 1.30? or is it a configuration issue?


I am expecting the 4 Byte „00 00 00 00“ in SpiCmdRcv and next two Bytes „C2 1A“ in SFLS__DeviceIdentification. But if I make SpiCmdRcv 8 Bytes large then i receive all the 8 Bytes „00 00 00 00 C2 1A FF FF“ in SpiCmdRcv. I am unable to understand why is it so?

Thank you in advance!


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