Problem with ADC on eMotor Drive Kit with TC234

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Hello Everyone !

I am using the AURIX eMotor Drive Kit with TC234 to implement FOC. Therefore I need the ADC sampling. The provided example from Infineon "Ap32298_eMotor_Application_Example_v1_1" comes within the old framework and therefore I adapted the files AppVadc.c, AppVadc.c, Ifx_Cfg_Vadc.c and Ifx_Cfg_Vadc.h to work with the AURIX Development Studio and the current iLLD version. I will put them into attachment. However I do not get any results, it just looks like the ADC is not working at all. It is configured to queRequest and the used groups channels are:
Group0 / CH0 for I_U
Group0 /CH1 for Vro (Reference from the current sensor)
Group1/CH0 for I_V

I have not implemented the scaling and offset calculation yet, I am just looking at the raw values and always get 0 on all channels.
To trigger the conversion I use:

IfxGtm_Trig_toVadc(gtm, IfxGtm_Trig_AdcGroup_0, IfxGtm_Trig_AdcTrig_0, IfxGtm_Trig_AdcTrigSource_tom0,IfxGtm_Trig_AdcTrigChannel_15)
IfxGtm_Trig_toVadc(gtm, IfxGtm_Trig_AdcGroup_1, IfxGtm_Trig_AdcTrig_0, IfxGtm_Trig_AdcTrigSource_tom0,IfxGtm_Trig_AdcTrigChannel_15);

In the original example the trigger channel was 7, but my PWM channesl are configured as follows:

config.coutx[0].outputPin = &IfxGtm_TOM0_10_TOUT12_P00_3_OUT;
config.coutx[1].outputPin = &IfxGtm_TOM0_12_TOUT14_P00_5_OUT;
config.coutx[2].outputPin = &IfxGtm_TOM0_14_TOUT16_P00_7_OUT;

config.ccx[0].outputPin = &IfxGtm_TOM0_9_TOUT11_P00_2_OUT;
config.ccx[1].outputPin = &IfxGtm_TOM0_11_TOUT13_P00_4_OUT;
config.ccx[2].outputPin = &IfxGtm_TOM0_13_TOUT15_P00_6_OUT;

Which means that channel 14 is the last channel and 15 would be for the trigger. So as I understand this should be fine, however I also tried it with channel 7 for the trigger but this did not work either.

If there is anyone who has some idea what I can do or has experience with the motor control kit I would be very thankful.

Best regards
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