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Level 1
Dear all,

I am measuring the number of cycles using the clock counters on the TC275T Aurix platform, and this applied to a very simple program that consists
in a sequence of 'nop' instructions written in assembly language. More precisely, I measure the number of cycles for 1, 2, 3, ..., n 'nop' instructions.
So there is a periodic peak at each 16 nop operations and I can't explain that phenomenon (please, see the graphic for more details). 4866.attach

Recall that:
Code is in the PSPR,
Core 1 contains the main program,
Core 0 and 2 contains an infinity for loop (no activities on them),
All global interrupts have been disabled,
All other mechanisms like cache, store buffer have been disabled and the PLB has been invalidated.

How I measure that?
1. I reset and start the performance counters just before calling my main function,
2. I call the main function
3. I stopped the counters
4. I enable the global interrupts
5. I print results

Is there someone that can respond to my questions?

Thanking you by advance,

Best regards,
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Level 6
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Hi Nasrine. Is *all* of the code in PSPR?

Is the local stack in DSPR, or dLMU?
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