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Trying to use the TC234 ADAS ASCLIN module for serial, and I'm having this problem:

IfxAsclin_setCtsInput(cts->module, (IfxAsclin_CtsInputSelect)cts->select);
0x8001A652 19 EF C8 DF LD.W d15,[a14]-0xB8 <- trap on this instruction
0x8001A656 60 FF MOV.A a15,d15
0x8001A658 48 02 LD.W d2,[a15]0x0
0x8001A65A 19 EF C8 DF LD.W d15,[a14]-0xB8
0x8001A65E 60 FF MOV.A a15,d15
0x8001A660 4C F3 LD.W d15,[a15]0xC
0x8001A662 59 E2 E8 CF ST.W [a14]-0xD8,d2
0x8001A666 59 EF E4 CF ST.W [a14]-0xDC,d15

The trap is class 4, TIN 3 which is a Parity/CRC error.
a14 is 0x70003f40, so the EA of [a14]-0xb8 should be 0x70003e88.
I can view the address in the PLS debugger just fine - the value is 0x8003f850.
If the value was uninitialized (e.g. parity error), it should show up as ???????? in the debugger I believe.
Anybody have any insight?

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