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I just started to study tc27xD User manual.
Please give me a hand.

1.I found this tc27xD has 384kB Dflash and 4MB Pflash in datasheet. But in page 902 in User Manual, it says
"Contains 48 EEPROMx sectors commonly used for EEPROM emulation (datastorage at application run-time).
• Contains 8 HSMx sectors used by HSM for EEPROM emulation protected from
application access."

So this is over 384kB. Because 1 EEPROM sector is 8kb and 1 hsm sector is also 8kb....
what's happened?

I guess i misunderstand something..

2. The Dflash must be used as EEPROM????? ( Do I have to apply some emulation algorithm such as FEE?)
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1) The HSM shares the EEPROM space - there are 8 sectors which can be marked as HSM exclusive, which then means that other masters cannot use that space. The HSM does not have additional space.

2) It just means that it is erasable and programmable. You can use the command sequences to erase a flash, load in new data and then write it in. There is no specific algorithm required, just use the recommended flow given in the documentation to avoid problems.