PMSM control with TC387

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Dear Aurix team,

I am application engineer and now using TC387 for PMSM control. Instead of consulting Infineon China local team, I post here for help. Because this problem might be too tricky.
For PMSM application, the key algorithm is FOC(field oriented control). In the TC387 demo kit offered by infineon,

the whole FOC algorithm is implemented in the CPU, which is definitely not a proper way for FOC implementation. The main reason is, FOC will consume a lion share of CPU computation capability.
Also, CPU-FOC may have lots synchronization problems with pheripherals such as GTM and ADC.

The ideal way is to run the FOC all in pheripheral units to offload the CPU. many other MCUs can do it in this way, z.B. NXP MPC5777C with its eTPU; In our case, GTM.

However, from the following presentation presented by Infineon, I learn that the GTM is not capable to run the whole FOC.

My question is , is this presentation up-to-date? The GTM is much powerful and stronger than eTPU, why not capable?
Or have you finally found a way to run the whole FOC in GTM?

Much thanks in advance.
Vielen Dank im Voraus.
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I am a BSW developer related to motor control in tier 1.

Two years ago, we had almost the same issue and we were trying to find a solution.

As you said, in the case of the NXP5777C, there is a separate internal MCU, eTPU, which handles a significant part of the motor control logic.

On the other hand, there is a sub-module called MSC (Multi-Channel Sequencer) inside the TX387 GTM, and we tried to implement the motor control logic using that module.

However, that attempt was unsuccessful, limiting the amount of logic that MSC could handle.

So, in the end, we implemented to assign the motor logic to one of the cores of the TC387.