MiniWiggler3: Access to password protected TC1796 possible via CAN, but not via JTAG?

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== Brief ==
DAS fails to manage access to password protected devices. This is not about illegitimate password usage, because I *can* use the password legitimately and correctly trough CAN unlock. However, with "DAS Basic client" no password I enter is accepted.

== Detail ==
This is about connecting to a TC1796 trough MiniWiggler3 using DAP. The connection is ok, but how can I insert the password of my CPU?
If I use DAP demo application to test whether the hardware is working, I am asked to insert 8 x 32bit password. However, TC1796 has only 2 x 32 bit password. With my application and the API, I every time receive the notification that the password is invalid, with DAP too. Any format of the password I have tryed is invalid (big endian, little endian, swapped ...).
I know the password (as mentioned,it works in CAN unlock), but via JTAG I'm not able to do that.

How to solve this problem?
Is there a better DAP documentation available?
Is there a bug in DAP?
Is there OCDS Level 1 documentation?

Documentation used (beside the docu shipped with DAS):
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Tell me when you view device information DAP miniwiggller serial number all the ZEROS and the unit in the program is not defined how can I solve this issue