Measure execution time TC1767

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Is there a nice way to read Clock Counts on Tricore 1767?

I read about CCNT, but it looks like TC1767 doesn't use it.

How do i use the STM?

Or how do I set the Analog Input/Output to Output and do pin toggeling to measure with an oscilloscope?


edit: I only got a Miniwiggler, so no big debugging possibility as with Lauterbach
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can no one help me with that? it's quite urgent :eek:
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Hi rckr,

Probably you already found a solution, but maybe others can benefit from the following. You can consider making use of the system clock, as demonstrated by the example below:


#include "sieve.h"

int main(void)
unsigned long dt, t = clock_msec();
StartOS(ERATOSTHENES); /* sieve primes using TASKING RTOS */
dt = clock_msec() - t;
printf("ms = %lu\n",dt);
return 0;

The tools take care of everything. Only thing you need to do in addition is to enter the oscillator frequency in the startup configuration menu of Eclipse IDE and check the "initialise clocks per sec" checkbox. The library also contains prototypes clock_usec() and clock_usec_fast() depending on the accuracy you're after.

Best regards,

Henk-Piet Glas
Technical Product Specialist