Max current consumption of SAK-TC364DP-64F300F

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As per below max power pattern,


Can you pls confirm the current consumption (IDD) at VDD level = 1.375V will be as below for max pattern?


Also, its mentioned that sum of all currents = 597mA (for real power pattern) as below –


Does it includes all current at Vext = 5.5V, Vdd = 1.375V & Vddp3 = 3.63V ?

Can you pls let us know what is the “Sum of all currents @ for max power pattern” ?

In brief (as per datasheet) –

At Vext = 5.5V, max power pattern current consumption will be 44 mA,

At Vdd = 1.375V, max power pattern current consumption will be 650 mA,

At Vddp3 = 3.63V, max power pattern current consumption will be 45 mA.



Abhishek D.

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Hello Abhishek,

There are two different power patterns described in the Data sheet and the test conditions for each pattern. The table "Table 3-26 Current Consumption" specifies the Electrical parameters in accordance with the test condition.

For example, the max IDDRAIL value of 650mA corresponds to max power pattern which includes VDD of 1.375V. Regarding your question on 597mA the test condition specifies Real Power pattern so it means VDD = 1.275 V, VDDP3 = 3.366 V and VEXT = 5.1 V. Please see the DS for your evaluations.



If we talk about real power pattern, then as per above datasheet snaps, the difference of 597 - 500 = 97 mA current observed. Is it at VDD = 5.1 V (real power pattern)? Motive behind is to bifurcate the power supply wattages for 5.1V, 1.275V, 3.366V.