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Could you help answering the following questions please?

a) The kit i purchased (KIT_A2G_TC365_5V_TRB_S) has socket mounted processor option in the kit.

b) How to mount the processor?

c) What is the pin order or marking on the socket which i can use to mount it?

d) Should i screw the top case down after mounting it?

e) What would be the design studio software which will work with this kit?

f) Are there any instructions to use the socket or has the design being made simple with just keeping the processor sitting in the socket is sufficient?

This will help me to start using the kit.

Waiting for your answers or documentation to help with the same.
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You can find the board documentation here:
General for all TriBoards:
Corner with pin 1 or ball A1 shows always in the direction of the RJ45 connector.
To put the device in the socket you must push down the socket, put the device in the socket and release the socket. To remove the device you push down the socket and get remove now the device (e.g. with a vacuum pipette