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I have a TC297tft kit and I used it in a BLDC motor control until the ESRO led start blinking and after I disconnected it, I am not able to debug anymore. All the leds are off right now, when I start debug an error appear:
Error creating session(io could not initialize), only when I press Wake button led have short blink. When I try to connect &D302 led blinks once. Can you help me on this topic please, is kind of urgent?

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If D105 (V_UC) is not on then you need to look at the power supply. First check the voltage at the MPS (TM) pin 22 on the power supply (TLF35584QV). If this is low then the watchdog is enabled and if not serviced will turn off the power. You can either disable the internal watchdog of the TLF35584QV via QSPI with the commands immediately after /PORST is released. The other option is to change the pull resistor such that R127 is populated and R128 is not. This would disable it for development point of view.