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I am working on boot loader development for aurix controller(Tricore Evalution Board TC23x). I reserved flash area 0x80000020 to 0x80008000 for boot loader and
my application will suppose to reside at location 0x80008000 onwards. I programmed boot loader using tasking IDE and for application programming i am using
CAN interface(CANCaseXL by Vector) and one proprietary tool on host system to program application hex.
I am getting some issues while programming application hex(intel hex) using our proprietary tool. Interesting thing is other dummy hex files which i generated using perl script are programmed successfully through tool. I made following configuration for hex file generation
C/C++ Build -> Processor -> AURIX Family -> Check TC23x
C/C++ Build -> Settings ->
- C/C++ Compiler -> Allocation -> Threshold for putting data in __near: 0
- C/C++ Compiler -> Optimization -> Optimization level: 3 – Optimize most
- C/C++ Compiler -> Optimization -> Trade-off between speed and size: Level4 – Size
- C/C++ Compiler -> Code Generation -> Algorithm for switch statements: – Use linear jump code
- Linker -> Output Format: Check Generate Intel Hex format

After generating application hex i tried to program it(Application will reside between 0x80008000 to 0x80008600) , but i am getting memory access error.
Can anyone please help me to resolve this issue?

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Any resolution to this question?

Thank you,