Interrupt Source IDs

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cross mob
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In an iLLD-version used in 2018 in order to declare an interrupt-service-.routine, "Interrupt SRC IDs" have been used, defined in intids_tc39xb.h.
InterruptInstall() was used to declare the ISR.

In the examples included in iLLD_1_0_1_11_0, interrupts only seem to be identified by their priority, using IFX_INTERRUPT().

Are their 2 different ways to handle ISRs? If yes where to select the chosen way?
Where do I find "Interrupt SRC IDs" in current iLLD? Or are these IDs not necessary any more?

Peter S
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Check in 0_Src/AppSw/Rricore/Cfg_Illd/ConfigurationIsr.h

you should see something like

#define ISR_PRIORITY_.....

each one should be unique, and used only once in the corresponding IFX_INTERRUPT(isr, vect, pri) macro
isr = link to the isr
vect = vector table (set to core # 0.n)
prio = priority

If you follow the IFX_INTERRUPT() basically it makes an entry in the correct vector table

and the actual code linkage is made using the ISR_ASSIGN() macro which generates the stub code for the interrupt vector and points back to your isr
ISR_ASSIGN(isr, vect, prio)

you need to use both