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Hello All,

I just have a question in regards to the safety mechanism ISR Monitor, in the safety manual it is mentioned that for non periodic interrupts the following : " the interrupt source itself can be periodically checked (i.e. the interrupt status register in the peripheral)"
does that mean it is enough to monitor the status flag in a periodic task that it is always serviced and the status flag for the phase transition is not set for some consecutive times to check for missing interrupts? or do I need to calculate a theoretical periodicity for this non periodic interrupt and check that it is serviced a number of times within the expected range?
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Hi TC37xx. Keep the top-level goal in mind: detect missing or unintended interrupts.

The idea with polling the interrupt status register here is that the application shouldn't see a status bit set without seeing the corresponding interrupt. You could accomplish the same thing with a timeout mechanism - e.g., receiving a SPI message should always complete in milliseconds.

Many possibilities exist - keep the goal in mind and it's easy to construct something that works for your application.