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Hallo Everyone,

I am implementing I2c Protocol using Aurix TriBoard with tc357 mounted on it based on the LLD example code. I was successfully able to communicate with the EEPROM mounted on the TriBoard using I2c. But, i have a problem when I try to communicate with an external slave. The external device always replies with the same value for any register read request I send. When I try to  monitor the signals using oscilloscope I can see that the first write is sent where "an unexpected Ack occurs" and then it is re-transmitted again and then the response is received which is always the same response regardless of the register value i try to read. Does any one had a similar problem or might know what would cause such a problem ? 

Thanks in advance, 


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1. Could you check if the voltage levels and frequencies are compatible between Aurix and the external slave?

2. Could you check with any other external slave to eliminate any issue with the Slave itself?

Best Regards.