How use DAP miniwiggler with TC264DE?

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i need program an micro TC264DE with the DAP mini wiggler, but i don't find the target configuration file (.cfg).
Which file cfg i need use?
Also i program by JTAG connector but i don't know how configure Memtool 4.7, can you help me please?

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You should start from the default configuration for Appkit/Triboard.
In most situation, you don't need to write a new configuration from scratch.
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  1. Begin by ensuring that you have the necessary hardware components, including the DAP miniwiggler and TC264DE microcontroller.
  2. Connect the DAP miniwiggler to your computer using a USB cable and ensure that it is properly recognized by the operating system.
  3. Locate the JTAG connector on the TC264DE microcontroller board and connect it to the corresponding connector on the DAP miniwiggler.
  4. Double-check the connection between the miniwiggler and the microcontroller to ensure it is secure and aligned correctly.
  5. Install the appropriate device drivers for the DAP miniwiggler on your computer to enable communication with the microcontroller.
  6. Open your preferred Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for TC264DE programming, such as Tasking or Eclipse.
  7. Configure the IDE to recognize the DAP miniwiggler as the debugging interface for the TC264DE microcontroller.
  8. Create or open a project in the IDE that targets the TC264DE microcontroller and set up the necessary build configurations.
  9. Configure the debugging settings in the IDE to use the DAP miniwiggler as the debug probe for the TC264DE microcontroller.
  10. Build your project and load the generated binary onto the TC264DE microcontroller using the DAP miniwiggler for programming and debugging.
  11. Use the debugging features provided by the IDE to interactively debug and test your application running on the TC264DE microcontroller.
  12. Refer to the datasheets, user manuals, and application notes provided by Pdf resources for further guidance and troubleshooting tips on using the DAP miniwiggler with the TC264DE microcontroller effectively.