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I wonder how to use DSADC, TIM and MCS to do peak&hold control for GDI system and which aspects should pay attention to?

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Hi Lina,

the general configuration configure the auxiliary filter of DSADC like this,

- when the value is higher than the upper boundary, trigger event 1
- when the value is lower than the lower boundary, trigger event 2
- event 1 and event 2 will be captured by different TIM channel
- if event 1 is available, MCS will close the output of ATOM channel
- if event 2 is available, MCS will open the output of ATOM channel
- then the output is current is waved

The issue in the customer is that when they change the boundary, get an abnormal output result, the output current is increased very fast.

Reason: In the last rising edge of peak control, MCS will disable the output , then change the low boundary in BOUNDSELx.BOUNDARYL, if the current is decreased fast than the update in BOUNDARYL, the previous low boundary, MCS will re-enable the output.

Solution: MCS change, change the low boundary in BOUNDSELx.BOUNDARYL, delay few clock, then disable the output.

Best regards


I one PWM period manage to use fast compare module from EVADC to detect first peak of the current and open the ATOM output using TIM in first period of PWM. In second period of PWM signal is possible to close the ATOM output using same fast compare channel when is detected the second current peak? The ATOM open and close operation must be done in same PWM period. I am using TC3XX. Thank you!