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I want to set SCR DAP0/1 on TC39XB.
Setting SCR_P00.6 works fine.
However, when setting SCR_P00.7, an error occurs (X appears on the setting screen).
I don't understand why the error occurs.
Please tell me how to resolve.


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Please provide more details about which Pin Mapper you are using. Is it the integrated Pin Mapper in a TASKING TriCore product version or the stand-alone TASKING Pin Mapper or the integrated Pin Mapper includes in the AURIX Development studio. Also: please provide the version and revision details of the product you are using.


Regarding the issue. I'm not familiar with the setup of the DAP pins for SCR debugging. But I suppose it needs to look like this for SCR_P00_2 / SCR_P00_3 where P002 is the input pin and P00_3 is the I/O pin. Can you confirm this? When I try the same configuration for SCR_P00_6 / SCR_P00_7 if fails for me too.



Best regards,

Ulrich Kloidt
TASKING tools support