How to read CAN BUS data from SAK-TC387QP board?

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Hello friends,

As I am new to this development board so facing issues in reading CAN frame data to my Infineon SAK-TC387QP board.
I am using the Aurix Development IDE.
Even after analyzing some of the CAN examples, they are not so much useful as they are using Loop-Back mode for communication between two nodes.
I need to communicate with external CAN hardware through the CAN0 port (IDC10) of my hardware.

Please help me with a simple code to read CAN-BUS data.

Any help will be appreciated.
Thanks in advance !!!
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Hi, here is an example, the code wait for a standard CAN message with ID 0x100 , then after reception it sends an echo of the data received with a CAN TX ID 0x200.4747.attach