How to generate .hex file from HighTec IDE and flash it for permanent use ?

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Hello friends,
I am using the SAK-TC387QP target board for an internal project.
I am unable to flash the program permanently. I can only use it for debugging purposes.
Now I want to flash the code permanently in my target board and make it run for all time.

Any help will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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You need to change the linker file to target flash memory instead of SRAM.
Otherwise, you can use the AURIX Development Studio (it is completely free!) to develop your project, where by default the projects are stored in the flash memory of the device, making them "permanent".

You can download it here: AURIX™ Development Studio and get inspired by numerous Trainings from here: AURIX™ Trainings.

If you are not familiar with Eclipse based IDE’s checkout the Getting Started guide!

Hope it helps,
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Right-click the project, Build Configurations -> Set Active -> iROM.

Rebuild and you'll get a hex file to flash.