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Dear Aurix Users,


I am testing the broken wire detection function of TC234 device. Currently, I can get the conversion value from ADC broken wire detection circuit, and it can detection the fault when the broken wire occured.

The follwing is my testing procedure

1.  Enable BWD register G0CHCTRy.BWDEN = 1.

2. Select voltage referenc to Vgnd G0CHCTRy.BWDCH = 1.

3. Start 10 consecutive ADC conversion cycles.

4. Check if conversion value is lower the 10 % of the full scale range.


I notice the conversion result getting higher when I used the lager conversion periode after doing ten consective ADC conversion cycles for broken wire channel.

For example, the ADC get the final conversion value of 178 when each the conversion periode is 173 us.

And  the ADC get the final conversion value of 129 when each  the conversion periode is 21 us.

Did some one know what causing the difference between the result ?

Although the conversion value 178 and 129 are all below than 10 % of the full scale range, I still wonder if my bwd step is correct for ADC broken wire confirmation


Many thanks.


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Could you please try checking the behavior by doing the number of cycles mentioned in the datasheet?

Kind Regards,