How to Phase Shift or Invert PWM in the TC3x7 Series

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I want to try out the phase shift full bridge control with the following three features.
Can you provide me with a sample or method to simply check them?

1. Outputs 8 channels of pwm

 We think it is possible to add the ATOM channel of the previously tried sample.
 Do you have any concerns when considering No. 2 and 3?



2.Output the pwm inversion signal.

 I think it's possible to achieve this by using a dead-time module.
 Is there sample code available for reference to use the DTM?


3.Output phase-shifted pwm

 The CCU6 would make this happen, but there are only three units, CC60-CC62.
 If you want to combine No.1 and 2 to achieve this with 4 phase x 2 channels, could you please tell me how to achieve the same function with GTM? 


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I will describe the results of the trial after I post it.

Board used: KIT_A2G_TC377_5V_TFT
Reference source: GTM_ATOM_PWM_1_KIT_TC397_TFT

Question 1.
 I specified P02_00 to P02_07 on the evaluation board and output PWM for 8 channels.
 However, when I specified two specific pins, a bus error occurred and it was not possible to output.


 Can you tell me why some pins cannot be output?

Question 2.

 I achieved the signal inversion without using DTM by changing the signalLevel of each channel.
 However, this does not allow me to set dead time.
 How do I specify dead time?

  ・atomConfig.signalLevel = Ifx_ActiveState_low or Ifx_ActiveState_high

Question 3.

 Progress has not been good.

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I used the CCU6 example to create PWM signals with high and low side (each others inverse - question 1).

To add deadtime between them (question 2), I added two lines (search for deadtime).

However, I am now also stuck at phase-shifted output (also called phase delay). I saw something in the brushless PWM output drivers IfxCcu6_PwmBc.c, but I am not sure if that is what still works with the preceding features.

Anyway, I added my additions on the example as an attachment.

Good luck!


In case you were able to solve the issue with phase shift between PWMs. Kindly mention the solution. We are stuck on same issue.

Intent is to have a dynamically calculated phase shift between 2 PWMs. All other requirements remaining same (complementary PWM's and dead band).

Thank you