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Dear Aurix Users,


I have some questions about Pflash ECC mechanism is Aurix TC23x device.

First question is that in what situation will cause the Pflash ECC error. Dose the Pflash is effected by Electromagnetic Disturbance?


The second question is about the ECC correction mechanism

The user manual says that the ECC will be automatically evaluated when reading data.

Dose it mean ECC will be automatically evaluated when the data is read from Pflash to DMI(Data ram)?

I think the ECC may not correct the error in program flash, so there is still exist bit flip error in Pflash, but the ECC mechanism can ensure us to obtain the corrected answer when it is read from flash to RAM.







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For 1), this is a generic question, please refer to this answer.

For 2),  if you see Figure 63 Block Diagram of the PFI module in user manual, all the data is from PFLASH bank is to Read register. 

Program Flash Read Write Buffer (PFRWB) The PFRWB provides read access on the corresponding PFlash bank, status registers and Erase Counter. 



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