How many methods setting lock / unlock Tricore debug interface and How to ?

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Hi all,

could you please let me know how many methods for locking/unlocking the TriCore debug interface are there and how can they be used?

Thank you in advance

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Hi Bernie,

There are two main methods for locking and unlocking the debug interface:

1. Using existing tools like:

- Memtool by Infineon (installer available on Infineon Webpage)
- Debugger from one of our partners (PLS, iSYSTEM, Lauterbach, J&D Tech) - complete list of tools can be found on Infineon Webpage
- By software (either start-up software or application software)

Both methods are based on User Configuration Blocks (UCBs).
The existing tools are offering the possibility of configuring the UCB_DBG (enabling/disabling lock, lock/unlock, set password, etc.) via a user interface (always refer to the latest version of the software and the tool's user manual).

2. The second method is using the Program Memory Unit (PMU) for configuring the protection in the UCBs and here are two solutions:
- Configuration of UCB_DBG
- Configuration of any Flash read protection

Please refer to the chapter Program Memory Unit (PMU) - Flash - Protection of the User Manual.

Best regards