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Hi AURIX Community,

How can you initialize the TC2XX RAM prior to usage?

Thank you and regards

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Hi Christine,

In the AURIX microcontroller, there are several ways you can initialize the RAM before using.

The SSW (Start-up software) will initialize the selected RAMs which is configurable in the UCB_DFLASH PROCOND entry. The bitfield RAMINSEL will enable the user to select which RAMs to initialize (CPU RAMs, LMU).

For other RAMs, mainly two options are available:
- If the RAM is accessible by the CPU, the user can sweep through the RAM with the CPU or DMA through the RAM to write the desired value.
The user can also use the MTU (memory test unit) to initialize the RAM with a desired value. The actual procedure is written in the user's manual for each device under the MTU chapter "Filling a Memory with Defined Contents".
- If the clock input to the module is not enabled, enable the clock input for the module containing the RAM which you want to initialize.
In general, using the MTU is more efficient and faster.

Note that some RAMs such as the EMEM will need special care such as unlocking before initialization. Such information is available in the respective chapters (See chapter "EMEM initialization").

Hope this helps!