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Hello Developers

I am using Aurix TC27xx and I need to identify connected peripheral with a HW instance ID during bootloader mode . I am planning to read few ADC pins (P00.8, P00.9 , P00.10) and using multiplex feature (combination table) can assign a HW instance ID to a combination of ADC voltages with code written in bootloader..

I need to save this HW instance ID to a register or EEPROM block . This HW instance ID will be assigned to a CAN ID which can be used by application sw to run targeted SW and understand specific CAN signal coming from each connected peripheral easily.

What kind of register I should use which can be used in bootloader mode and can be available to APPSW .

1.) register should get updated with new data at each PowerOnReset in BOOT mode.
2.) Accessible to Application SW at normal start.
3.) possible error detection at BIT level for these registers

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