GTM initialization

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I’m trying to configure GTM module of TC274D microcontroller on my evaluation board TriBoard TC274 V1.0.
GTM module version is 1.4.2.

I have the next problems:
1. When I try to access registers GTM_TIM0_CH0_IRQ_MODE, GTM_TIM0_IN_SRC and some others, I get Bus Error trap.
2. When I write any value to GTM_TIM0_CH0_CTRL register, only TIM_EN bit is set and others are ignored and set as 0.
3. Bit AEI_USP_ADDR of GTM_IRQ_NOTIFY register is set after GTM enabling and can’t be cleared by writing 1 to it.

Could you please to help me with my issues?
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You will have to clear the endinit bit in the CPU watchdog to gain access to the registers. Read about endinit protection in the user manual.