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I have a question related to output from TOM submodule in GTM. Each TOM submodule has 16 channels which are grouped into two..

As far as i understood from user manual, it is possible to generate phase output from TOM channel 1 w.r.t to channel 0 using the trigger line from the previous channel (both the channels output has same dutycycle and period)

My question,
1. Is there any possibility to generate the phase output from the TOM channel 2 w.r.t channel 0 in the same TOM unit (say, TOM0)
2. is it possible to generate phase shift output from the TOM channel 8 from group 1 w.r.t. to TOM channel 2 from group 0 in the same TOM unit (say, TOM0)
3. Is it possible to generate phase shift output from TOM1 channel 1 w.r.t. to TOM0 channel 0 (here, synchronisation between two different TOM units).

Kindly do the needful and awaiting a reply from your side.
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Hi there,

yes this is possible.
You must ensure that both e.g. TOM0 and TOM1 are starting the counting in sync through e.g. enable/disable clock for both modules at the same time.
For one TOM you can start counting with value 0 and for the other Tom you can start counting with an offset.
If both have exact the same period/duty-cycle value programmed and started in-sync but with different start-values, then you have a synchronized but phase-shifted output signal.

I hope this is what you mean?