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I am using GPT12_PWM_Generation_1_KIT_TC375_LK as the base firmware and test the example on my TC37X eval board.

Everything works perfectly.

I then tried to test the incremental encoder feature and I follow the document 

iLLD User Documentation  Device:TC37A Version:


The example snippet code seems like it carried from version TC2.7.X

gpt12Config.base.speedFilerCutOffFrequency = config.base.maxSpeed / 2 * IFX_PI * 2;
And I don't know if this is typo or actual "config.base.maxSpeed", I guest it should be gpt12Config, is that correct?
I also couldn't find where is INTERRUPT_INCRINC_ZERO defined.
Continue on
Ifx_TickTime tickRefresh = gpt12.updatePeriod * TimeConst_1s;
I found from the iLLD links the TimeConst_1s and I found it defined at

◆ TimeConst_1s

#define TimeConst_1s   (TimeConst[TIMER_INDEX_1S])

time constant equal to 1s

Definition at line 71 of file Ifx_DateTime.c.

Referenced by DateTime_get(), and DateTime_set().

It is clearly has nothing to do with GPT12 module.

May I ask the proper way to get GPT12 module to work, we have to include all the needed defines in different projects?

Does the snippet code in the iLLD document only there as the references or we can use it as closely as possible?

Thank you so much for all of your time and helps.

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